Meet Ammie Dover

Meet Ammie Dover

One person can keep a rowboat afloat, but a racing yacht takes a team. If you’re ready to take your enterprise beyond the harbor, You need leadership from someone who’s been out there. Like you, I am a business owner with an insider’s understanding of the challenges of growing a business. I am business strategist who built a consulting firm based on my passion for helping people thrive.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting an upcoming show on the Global Network Channel’s Speyre TV called “Ammie.” If Oprah and Ellen can do it, why not? It’s an inspiring video series of answers to your questions and revealing interviews with business leaders about the secrets to their success.

Since our work life takes up a large percentage of our waking hours, my goal is to make that time profitable for both employer and employee. Being a fulfilled employee in a successful company is a good thing, so I partner with corporate clients to help them devise plans for healthy growth, focusing on operations management and marketing. My firm, Larek Point Consulting, is a natural product of my calling and duty to help people find their purpose and create structures that support it.

Did I mention that I’m passionate about ensuring that ALL people have a path for their version of success? That means  helping people flourish both in and outside the business world.  Here are a few leadership roles I’ve held in both corporate and non-profit sectors:

    • President of the Small Business Chamber of Savannah
    • Executive Director of Shop Small Savannah
    • Director of the Savannah Jaycees
    • Marketing Director for the Savannah AMBUCS
    • Advisory Council Member for EmployAbility
    • Director of Operations for the International School of Story
    • Advisory Board Member for House United Ministries
    • Corporate Sponsor Lead for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

 It is incredibly rewarding when all that hard work is recognized.  I am honored to say that I am a two time business woman of the year nominee for the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 



 And somewhere along the way, I wrote a book called Profitability Matters; a Nonprofit’s Guide to Profitability.  Because you can’t serve your audience without enough funds, facility, supplies and staff, every page has practical help for non-profit organizations who are learning to run their operation like a business.

Find new opportunities for immediate change with strategic planning.

“No matter what I did right or wrong yesterday, by His grace I have new opportunities today.” ~ Ammie Dover

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You’re not quite sure if these programs are for you or you think you probably need something a little more custom for your business.

Having questions is normal and healthy. Let’s schedule a quick discovery strategy hour so that Ammie and her team can answer your questions and determine if Larek Point is a good fit for your business.