Ammie is a dynamic speaker who both educates and entertains audiences

If you want a speaker who can not only keep your audience awake but impart knowledge that employees can implement right away – you definitely need to book Ammie!

She excels at talks on strategic planning and training strategies that empower employees to become effective and efficient problem solvers.

A business is a complex system of inter-related departments that rely on one another for optimum functionality. Each department needs operational goals that align with the strategic mission. Piecing all departments together for cohesion is an art. If a business wants increased revenue, they need cohesive teams. A productive team is a profitable team! Her talks lay the foundation for the work ahead.

Why consider Ammie for
your next event?


Empowers Employees to Own Thier Results


Promotes Strategic Problem Solving


Fosters an Environment of Innovation


Everyone Leaves with ACTION Items


Get a Headstart ABOVE Your Competition

Conferences and Symposiums Ammie has spoken at:

SHRM Jacksonville Conference

SHRM Nashville Conference

Sales and Marketing Executives Summit – Puerto Rico

National Association of Professional Women – Baltimore, MD

National Association of Women in Construction

International Association of Freight Forwarders

CEAHU Symposium

EBW2020 Leadership Summit

Strayer University

Multiple Chambers of Commerce

Big Business Symposium

Let's Start a Discovery Strategy Hour

HI! You’ve probably been following Ammie and/or Larek Point for a while now and the message just keeps hitting you… It keeps hitting all of your pain points and keeps painting a picture of where you want your business to be.


You’re not quite sure if these programs are for you or you think you probably need something a little more custom for your business.

Having questions is normal and healthy. Let’s schedule a quick discovery strategy hour so that Ammie and her team can answer your questions and determine if Larek Point is a good fit for your business.