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Business Planning System – Online Course


I’m thrilled to share an incredible #business building resource with you!! I know you want to GROW your business and I also know that you need a plan to do just that. Check out the Business Planning System from my friend @ammiedover

Have you reached a plateau in your business and know you need to do something different but aren’t quite sure what it is?  Well, my friend @ammiedover built a business planning system that will walk you through building a business plan that will outline your next steps.


Tired of cookie cutter how to programs that are so generic that they’ll never actually work in your business?  I know… I see them all the time too.  Most are good in theory but don’t really get to the root of YOUR issues and YOUR goals. 

That’s exactly why I’m so thrilled to share this program with you… it’s designed so that you build what’s right for YOU!

It’s a business planning system designed to walk you through developing your business plan.  Whether you’re just starting a business and this is your first glance at what it takes to build a business or you’ve reached a plateau in your business and you want to work on a strategy to take it to the next level, the business planning system will show you how to build a real path forward that is specific to your business and your goals. 

This program is for you if:

  • want a business, not a hobby.
  • want a clear roadmap to growth
  • want to take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship
  • want to skip all the hurdles most businesses make

    The Business Planning System has video instruction and tons of worksheets that really walk you through each step.  You won’t find another program that helps you to build YOUR business. 

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DoverDrive Experience Membership


Is it time to kick your business into #DoverDrive? 

That’s a trick question… of course it is!!  It’s a perfect time to invest in the growth of your #business. 
Check out @ammiedover’s program to take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship & build a GPS for SUCCESS! 

Do you set aside time every week to work on your #business? 
Sadly, most #entrepreneurs don’t.  If you’re one of those people, it’s time to begin investing in your success.  Check out the DoverDrive Experience! 





Entrepreneurship can often feel like you’re stuck on a desert island without the perks of the fruity drinks and cabana boys.  Every entrepreneur experiences loneliness and suffers from lack of collaboration at some point. 

Yeah, I’ve experienced it too!

That’s why I’m so excited to share the DoverDrive Experience with you!!! 

This is a monthly membership program developed by my friend Ammie Dover.  She’s built a community of entrepreneurs who are committed to working on their business every single week.  That’s right… she’s dropping content, learning and assignments EVERY WEEK! 

Ammie’s training programs can be found in all corners of the world.  Her teaching transcends industry and region because she’s focused on building programs that build businesses.  She shows you how to build something that’s right for you! 

Here’s my favorite part tho… unlike so many other programs that are all online and super impersonal, she hosts a LIVE Q & A session once a month.  That means she’s answering questions about YOUR business. 

Too many perks to list… but here are a few highlights

  • community
  • weekly learning
  • real worksheets
  • building something specific for YOUR business
  • LIVE access to Ammie (you won’t find this in any of her other online programs)
  • an investment in your SUCCESS!

This is a community like no other and not one that you want to miss out on!  Sign up TODAY!  – ADD YOUR LINK