I’m sharing some of my favorites!

When I first started out, we didn’t have all these plug and play tools.  I had to create every component of my business from scratch. If you’re just getting started, you’re starting at a great time. There are some incredible tools out there that make starting a running a business so much easier. 


I’m sharing some of my secret weapons. Here are some of my favorite business building resources and short cuts!

Marketing Tools

Done For You Templates

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate - canva

#1 Marketing Tool – CANVA

Canva has become the world’s largest and most accessible marketing tool. Large corporations and small businesses alike are all using it.  What I love the most is that I can create brand guides for each of my projects/clients and keep everything organized. Oh and you can use it absolutely FREE.

affiliate - tailwind

Pinterest ninja – Tailwind

Tailwind is hands down the most powerful Pinterest tool on the market. Not only can you create in the tool, you can schedule the posts in the tool but your content is made available to others who are looking to share valuable content to their audience.  Using Tailwind is like having a Pinterest super power.

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affiliate - julia on purpose all access

Done for you templates

As a small business owner, we find ourselves constantly creating… contracts, free offers, ebooks, workbooks, webinar slides, social media, etc. Y’all I do NOT design all that stuff on my own. I find done for you templates and then edit them to fit my brand and my needs. Get access to my best kept secret – Julia on Purpose.

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affiliate - julia on purpose

course creator template

If you had to choose only one of Julia on Purpose’s done for you tempaltes to purchase – this is it. So many of these pages can be repurposed.  Even though all of her templates are amazing, I found this one to be the most bang for the buck. Oh and all of her templates are made in Canva so they’re easy to edit and reuse.

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send owl - affiliate

your own affiliate program

If you currently have digital products and want to increase your sales, the best way to do that is to have others sell for you. You make a sale and they make a commission on that sale. You both win. SendOwl is one of the most user friendly affiliate programs available.

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doverdrive experience affiliate

be a doverdrive affiliate

It shouldn’t come as any surprise at this point that I would have my own affiliate program. Hello… practice what you preach sister. You can sign up today and get immediate access to the tools you need to promote the DoverDrive Experience and start making a commission on your sales.

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