Ammie Dover

Business Strategist – Speaker
Interview Host – Podcaster

Tell Me About You

I’m a business strategist by profession. I’m passionate about helping businesses and non-profits position for growth. I love sharing conversations in The DoverDrive Experience and connecting with other cancer caregivers.

Serve More for Business

Running a small business is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

Learn how to build the right systems and team members you need to finally stop being the bottleneck and get more done. Finally, get a partner in your success.

Serve More for Non-profit

The #1 Reaons Non-Profits Struggle is…
because they don’t run it like a business.

Learn how to implement business best practices to overcome poorly funded programs, low dollar sponsorships, inactive board members and high volunteer turnover.

Larek Point Consulting

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Learning Plus Implementation

Our workshops are designed so that you’re learning how to best implement actions based on the learned material.

You’re going to leave each workshop with a headstart on how to best make each concept work for YOUR organization.

The DoverDrive Experience

Watch video interviews with leading experts, community leaders and all around good humans doing good things in the community.

Caregivers Guide to Cancer Podcast

When Jose was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I found myself in a new role that I was not equipped for. Ready or not, I became a cancer caregiver. Hear more about my journey.

Let’s Talk

HI! You’ve probably been following Ammie and/or Larek Point for a while now and the message just keeps hitting you… It keeps hitting all of your pain points and keeps painting a picture of where you want your business to be.


You’re not quite sure if these programs are for you or you think you probably need something a little more custom for your business.

Having questions is normal and healthy. Let’s schedule a quick discovery strategy hour so that Ammie and her team can answer your questions and determine if Larek Point is a good fit for your business.

Tell Me About You