Affiliate Program

Join the DoverDrive Affiliate Program

Here’s how it works. Every month I make educational marketing and strategies content for the DoverDrive Experience. You get a custom URL that sends people to that content. You share that URL with everyone. Everyone clicks on that link and joins the DoverDrive Experience. Then I pay you. It’s really that easy.

share and earn some cash!

There is no limit. Every time you share and they make a purchase, you earn cash back.  

Share your custom URL

They click & make a purchase

You earn cash

Regardless if you help promote an individual course or our monthly membership you will earn a 30% one time commission on the sale, typically around $12 per membership and $30 per class. 


Question: How do I get paid? 

Answer: This is really simple. All you need to do is add the email for your PayPal account located in your dashboard. On the 10th of the following month you will get paid.  No waiting for checks to be mailed.  Your rewards are delivered electronically.