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HI!  I’m Ammie.

I’ve been helping  businesses and non-profits create organizational structure and increase revenue for over 20 years.

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My career began in the United States Air Force. I spent six years proudly serving my country. When I separated from the Air Force, I began working with a Department of Defense contractor. I started working in web design, creating training and application help systems, and ultimately started managing multi-million dollar IT contracts Nationally and Internationally.

When I felt the pull, I took that business knowledge and started Larek Point to help emerging businesses and non-profits learn how to implement big business principles and strategies incrementally into their organizations.  

My efforts in the community were recognized with a Business Woman of the Year nomination with the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

My career has afforded me incredible opportunities like leading the Small Business Chamber in Savannah, Georgia; hosting the city’s first Big Business Symposium. 

I’m sharing my business experiences, tips and stories inside the DoverDrive Experience series. 

One of the all-time coolest experiences of my career was sharing the stage to teach marketing with the likes of Google, Forbes, SalesForce and Starbucks.

This is your chance to utilize my international business experience and the Larek Point team to grow your non-profit.

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Caregiving Insider :: Resources for the Caregiver!

THIS is What Caregiving Looks Like

I had no idea that Jose snapped this picture of us. Life didn’t stop just because Jose needed in-patient chemo for three days or had doctor’s appointments at the same time I had a zoom meeting. Life kept moving. The electric bill kept coming. We still had obligations. We learned to make the best of every day and maximize opportunities as they presented themselves.

I brought a mobile office for both of us and all the things we needed for both comfort and work. People would look at us strolling in with multiple suitcases like we were moving in. In a sense, we did. The hospital became our temporary home and office. If you want to know how we packed, you can read all about my packing guide.


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Caregivers spend an average of 33 hours per week caring for their loved ones.

Fun Fact: working 32 hours a week is considered a full-time job

I was given a new title that I was not prepared for, cancer caregiver.

I remember the day that Jose was diagnosed with cancer very well. Jose was sitting on the side of his hospital bed. The doctor standing in front of him and a nurse standing between the doctor and I. The moment the words came out of the doctor’s mouth, Jose just went blank. It was just like you see in the movies. He literally remembers nothing else after the word cancer.

 I tried to maintain composure and started asking questions. Questions like… what stage? How bad is it? What are next steps? I’m not sure I even heard all the answers but I heard enough to know that it was a stage 4 diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma.


That’s the day that our cancer journey officially began.

 In some ways (mostly the actual treatment) has been great. In other ways (our support and guidance from the cancer center) has been horrific. We were essentially left to figure everything out on our own. We were not offered one single resource. We’ll explain in the podcast. But that’s where our passion for helping caregivers came from. We could not live with ourselves if we knew that we stood by and let this happen to another cancer patient. While we can’t fix the hospital’s systems (I tried), we can create a resource that will help anyone who needs it find some answers, guidance and external resources to aid in their cancer journey.

We are not medical professionals and this is NOT medical advice. We’re simply sharing what we’ve learned and will be interviewing others so that they may share what they’ve learned. We’ve chosen the topic of caregiving because the human part of cancer is what was missing from our treatment plan. The doctors and nurses were experts and gave expert care for the actual cancer. The human with a deadly cancer in their body and their routines at home were never addressed, not once in our initial care plan or throughout the first treatment regimen. This podcast is mostly about the human and the family who loves that human.

We’d love for this to be an engaging conversation where we can all learn and grow together.

Watch :: Rare, Well Done

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Hosting Rare, Well Done
What an honor it was hosting this web series for the CIDP community. 

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Ammie’s Faves :: Sharing My Secrets

CBD &  Collagen

Organic CBD + Collagen:
A combination that has helped both Jose and I balance out our health, anxiety and pain. Jose has a lot of pain from neuropathy. The collagen works better for him than prescription meds.

CBD Sleep Gummies

Sleep Gummies:
As a business owner and a cancer caregiver, my mind has a lot to juggle and sadly, my it tries to do its best thinking when most people are sleeping. This is a MUST HAVE for me!

cbd immune boost

Immune Boost:
By nature of our businesses, we’re around a lot of people. Jose is also still getting treatments so that means we’re in hospitals on a regular basis. We use this tincture as an extra layer of armour.

time savers
dry nail polish

Dry Nail Polish:
I like looking good and I feel better when I look better. However, I’ve never liked the process of all the maintenance required.

Dry nail polish allows me to have a full manicure without risking smudging the polish because I can’t sit still and not touch anything for an hour.

daily harvest

Daily Harvest:
By the time dinner rolls around each evening, we’re too tired to cook.  Jose and I just look at at each other like… Not it!

With Daily Harvest, you can always have a healthy meal option ready to eat in just minutes. Less prep and less clean-up means more time on what matters.



Our podcast is recorded with This gives us all of the video and audio files (together and separate). Huge time saver!

It also doesn’t compress video files like zoom does. Your video is high resolution and looks professional without fancy cameras or a lot of editing in post.


The DoverDrive Experience

Watch video interviews with leading experts, community leaders and all around good humans doing good things in the community. 

Let's Start a Discovery Strategy Hour

HI! You’ve probably been following Ammie and/or Larek Point for a while now and the message just keeps hitting you… It keeps hitting all of your pain points and keeps painting a picture of where you want your business to be.


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Having questions is normal and healthy. Let’s schedule a quick discovery strategy hour so that Ammie and her team can answer your questions and determine if Larek Point is a good fit for your business.