Meet My Tribe

Meet My Tribe

I’ve been so very fortunate to align my personal and business goals with some incredible people.  All that you see from me and from Larek Point has been a result of some strategic partnerships.  I don’t believe you were set on this earth to be alone.  I also don’t believe that the most efficient way to work is in a silo (aka your home office).

You NEED people.  You need partnerships.  By connecting with some of the right people who have different strengths and audiences than you enables you to grow exponentially faster.  I learned this the hard way.  I can be a bit stubborn and introverted (shocker – I know).  Giving in to my initial instincts kept me isolated and small.  Neither of which were condusive to me achieving the BIG goals I set for myself.

On this journey, I’ve met some insanely talented people.  I want to share them and their resources with you.  Meet my tribe.

Want to join my global empowerment tribe?

“In order to be seen – you must risk being seen.” ~ Ammie Dover

Meet My Tribe

EBW2020 [Empowering a Billion Women by 2020] has allowed me to connect with women all over the world.  I believe in this organization so much I joined their global faculty – that means I train all of their membership.  Crazy cool!  My training is currently being viewed in about eight (8) countries and is helping women learn how to build sustainable income for themselves.  Incredibly cool and so humbling.  As if that wasn’t enough, I started a chapter in Jacksonville, Florida.

I love having a chapter because that allows me to connect with women every single month.  Virtual training is great and needed when you have a mission to reach one billion people (no small task) but face-to-face collaboration is still needed and one of my favorite parts.

If you want more information about how to join my tribe, click the Join EBW2020 button above and see for yourself why I have aligned with these incredible women in business.

Launching your business or a new product?

“I Create My Reality.” ~ Deb Boulanger

Meet my friend Deb Boulanger, the founder of The Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs.

The Launch Lab helps women differentiate their services and package and price them for an easy ‘yes’ from ideal clients.

Having seen so many women fail to gain traction and make money in their businesses broke her heart. It’s now her mission to help you take your vision and create a revenue model that enables you to bring your impact to the world.   Join Deb’s Launch Lab if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the ‘how’ and having too many choices and no clear direction for your launch.
  •  You have a sense of urgency that now is the time.



Let's Start a Discovery Strategy Hour

HI! You’ve probably been following Ammie and/or Larek Point for a while now and the message just keeps hitting you… It keeps hitting all of your pain points and keeps painting a picture of where you want your business to be.


You’re not quite sure if these programs are for you or you think you probably need something a little more custom for your business.

Having questions is normal and healthy. Let’s schedule a quick discovery strategy hour so that Ammie and her team can answer your questions and determine if Larek Point is a good fit for your business.