#1 Tool for Managing Your Projects

Can you believe that I once managed a $20Million per year program with 24 individual projects, 110 technical team members, 65 subcontractors and 5 locations WITHOUT a project management tool?


We still had timely deliverables, remained profitable, had raving year end customer reviews, and low team member turnover.

I look back on that now and think… well no wonder I burned out! 

That type of juggling is NOT sustainable.


What Defines a Project


noun; something that is contemplated, devised, or planned

Notice that the definition doesn’t include size, number of people involved, value or duration. A project can take one day or one year to complete – or somewhere in between or even longer. It can be a solo effort or a team endeavour.  It can be a one time completion or a repeatable series of tasks.

Now that you know basically everything in your business could be considered a project, how do you manage these projects?

Here’s what I use: ClickUp

Over the years, I’ve personally used several tools. I’ve also used countless more when working with client’s existing programs. This is hands down, my favorite, for many reasons but most of all because it’s easy to use no matter how complex the project is. ClickUp is my go to recommendation.

ammie dover - project management - clickup

What to Manage

Most projects or tasking will fall into one of these three categories:

Internal Activities

Everything that makes your organization function:

  • product development
  • training
  • strategic partnerships
  • business development activities
  • events
  • team building
  • marketing – eblasts, social media, video, blogging, etc


Client Activities

Businesses:  We all deliver products or services. Mapping out your workflow from ask to delivery.

Non-Profits: These would be your community impact activities.



Businesses: Think revenue generating activities – your sales workflow.
: Think fundraising activities: events, donor solicitations, etc.

As a result of tracking your efforts, you will improve your time management and increase productivity. Do you know what happens when you do that? You create more time to spend on sales and revenue generating activities. This means that you can finally start working on growing your business.


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