Affecting Change

I had the pleasure of talking with Rev. Christy Snow about how she positions herself as a facilitator of love and awareness and an agent of change.

Here’s what she shared with us:
Co-Authored by Rev. Christy Snow


Love & Authenticity

You can never go wrong with love and authenticity.  We talked about how dealing with difficult decisions or having difficult conversations with others can be made exponentially easier when people know that you are coming from a place of love and authenticity.  People are much more accepting and willing to help you through a situation when they know you geniunely care and want to learn and grow through it.  It opens up lines of communication in new ways. 

Find What Is Yours To Do

Whether you’re trying to end police brutality, lead a team of employees or coordinate a bake sale, you have to do what you are meant to do.  That means that what you are meant to do may look different than the person sitting beside you.  

We can’t all do the same thing.  We don’t all need to do the same thing.  We need everyone to tap into their individual genius and utilize their talents. We also need for everyone to respect others’ position and approach.  When we focus on what is ours to do, we have no time or energy to judge others for doing what is theirs to do.

Awareness. Love. Energy.

Being a change agent means that we first have to have a grasp on the situation.  Then ask yourself how you can approach the situation with love.  Lastly, generate energy that faciliates more awareness and love.  THAT is how we’re going to affect true change. 


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