#askammie sticking to the plan How do I maintain a plan when life happens? Life happens EVERY DAY, so here are three quick tips to help keep your sanity, grow your business and be there for the people you love — all at the same time! (yes, it can be done).

#1 → Set Boundaries

What do I set boundaries on? With whom do I set them? What’s the best way to do it? Don’t know the answers to these questions? Stop reading right now and head over to my video called “Setting Boundaries” to get an idea of what I mean here.

#2 → Prioritize YOU

You want to help the multitudes every day, I get it. One simple question can put limits to the demands people put on you, and it’s this: “Is this going to help ME move MY priorities forward?” Of course your business or your career are included in your priorities. If the answer is no —  guess what — you get to push it out of the way by saying no to someone or something. For this question to work, you’ll have to get a handle on what your true, deep-down priorities are. Take some time to write down a very short list of what they are.

#3 → Analyze Your Day

Most people never think to step back from their daily routines, put them on the table and have a thorough look into what they do and why. The result is a chronically aggregating to-do list that keeps growing with items you didn’t get done yesterday. Identify who and what are disruptors that derail your workflow. Say “No” or “Later” more frequently so that your priorities (not everyone else’s) get back in the driver’s seat. Your needs and goals ARE important, so pay attention to them!  Here’s my video presentation on Sticking to the plan. For this more topics, head over to my YouTube channel, #AskAmmie!