#AskAmmie: How to stand out for a promotion

Do you have the job you really want right now?

Or are you a person that wants more?

More responsibility? More say in how your company functions, more in your paycheck?

Unless you are a blood relative of the CEO, don’t expect that just showing up every day is going to automatically get you closer to your goals.

While loyally showing up every day is a good start, it’s not enough. On my YouTube channel, #AskAmmie, I talk about three things in your control that you can do every day to set yourself up for career success.

1. Have a positive, can-do attitude

Stay away from being a “yes man” while making sure you are a pleasure to work with — someone who is not afraid of taking on new things and is a good team player … all are noticed by your managers.

2. Attack everything at 100% integrity

What can you become an expert in, to the point where people come to you for answers? Do you work as if your boss is standing behind you?

3. Think strategically about your tasks

Can you connect everything you do to the corporate mission or values? Be able to tell anyone why every one of your tasks is important to the company and how it fits in to the all the other moving parts of your organization.

For more on this and other topics, find me, Ammie Dover, on my YouTube channel! 

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