Do you know what GPS stands for?  Admittedly, I did not know.  I know what it is and I like to use the term because it rhymes with success.  A roadmap to success or a navigation system to success doesn’t quite roll of the tongue the same way. 

Until I sat down to write this blog, I had never given much thought to what those letters actually stood for.  Now that I know, I’m going to start using them soooo much more (fair warning). 

GPS stands for Global Positioning System.   YES!  That’s EXACTLY what you need for your business! 

Let’s break this down word by word.


Global: Because the sky is the limit!  Because you are a small business right now but you didn’t start your small business to stay small.  Because the world wide web has made it incredibly easy to reach customers and create impact all over the globe.

Positioning:  Wow.  Isn’t this what everyone hopes for when they start a business?  Positioning in the marketplace is everything to the stability of your business. 

How are you similar to your competition? 

How are you different? 

How does your price point measure up? 

What’s your brand’s reputation? 

Positioning is one of the grossly overlooked components of a business.  That makes me sad.  Really… sad.

System:  Oh, now there’s a sexy word.  I do love a good system.  Systems create efficiencies.  Efficiencies create productivity.  Productivity yields profitability.  That’s really what you want right… a profitable business?




This article didn’t turn out quite the way that I intended when I started writing but I’d be willing to bet a month of Sundays on the fact that you had at least one aha moment while reading it. 

Are you ready for one more? 


I literally just googled, ‘what do you call the words that make up an acronym?’.  The words that make up an acronym is called an expansion.

I mean really?!  I’m just going to park that little fun fact right there!

If you were looking for a sign to get started working ON your business… this is likely it.   It’s time to begin working on your expansion.

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