Meet 20 New People

Given the theme of this video blog series, you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m going to ask you to meet 20 new people in the next 20 days.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s easier than you think.

You are connected to more people than you think you are.  Let’s take a look at the ways that you can ask for a connection:

  • Neighborly Love: Ask your neighbor to introduce you to anyone they know in your industry. This one is easy.  You’re not selling to anyone.  You’re simply widening your sphere of influence inside your industry.  Easy enough, right?

  • LinkedIn: Don’t be a troll. Be deliberate in who you’re connecting with.  I love LinkedIn because you can search within your contacts by region and industry.  Here’s how I would use it:  I want to meet those who are responsible for and have decision making authority for training within Fortune 1000 companies.  I’d sort by city first, Jacksonville, Florida.  Then, I’d sort by those with the profession of Human Resources.  Once sorted, look at people’s profile.  See what they’re posting and see if there’s something you can connect with.  Remember, we’re not trolling the internet for hookups or sales.  We’re looking for meaningful connections.  You want to write a message to these people that will show them that you are serious about the connection.
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Etc: Do the same thing you did for LinkedIn but know that your pool of people to choose from will be smaller because while they are all global platforms, I find that these social sites have the widest geographical range for connections.
  • Phone a Friend: Call an old friend.  Tell them what the challenge is and ask them to bring someone to coffee to meet you.  Tell them to look through their rolodex and see who you might hit it off with.  Remember, you aren’t looking to make an immediate sale.  You’re looking for genuine connections.  These people will know other people that they can introduce you to.
  • Plus One: The next networking event you’re at, ask people if you can be their plus one at the next event they go to.  Trust me, this one works.  It’s actually quite amazing.  When I moved to a new city, I went to an event where they gave everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves and I stood up and said, I’m Ammie.  I guide companies through organizational management and employee engagement that yields higher revenue.  I’m new in town and I need to meet new people.  I’d love to be everyone’s plus one at the next event you go to.  I got a handful of people who were happy to help.  I got a lot of invitations and began my journey of meeting people and navigating the business landscape of my new city.  I recently brought on a new director of training and development for Larek Point and I had her do this very same thing.  I told her to reach out to a handful of the most connected people in her network; people who are inherently connectors.  You know the kind.  She connected with three amazing humans with the kindest hearts who graciously introduced her to their networks and within two weeks she had one consultation scheduled, had been asked to speak at two association meetings (rooms full of our ideal clients) and was invited to be a guest on a podcast.  I’d say she did really well and she has more events on her calendar.

This works!  Actually, every tip I’ve shared works.  Now imagine actually doing all of the tips and seeing crazy big results in the first month of Q1.  Let’s do this!

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