Quarterly Team Activities

This is one of my favorite tips because it is one of the few business tips that I give that has more to do with the human component of business than the actual business of running a business. 

Your team is made up of humans.  It’s the one consistent thing amongst all teams.  Sounds kind of intuitive right?  Well, in my experience with helping businesses structure for growth, it’s the last component that most businesses look at when devising their strategic growth plans.

I don’t believe that being a co-worker means that you instantly have to become BFFs.  That’s not what this is about.  Team building is not about building friendships (although some will), it’s about building trust and understanding.  A team must know how to best function as a unit in order to maintain productivity.  That is not likely to happen if you remove the human component from the growth strategy. 

Schedule the time for your team to connect with one another and with you.  A quarterly activity is a great exercise.  Here are a few activities I’ve tried.

  • Taking my team to the gym for a group workout – I think this one may have backfired on me. It was good in theory but not right for that team.
  • Hosting a volleyball tournament – We laughed more than we scored but was an absolute blast.
  • Hosting a game night at Dave and Busters – A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.
  • Happy hour at a local haunt – The only rule was no shop talk. It forced us to get to know one another.
  • Quarterly birthday celebrations with a big ice cream cake – This was one of the tastier activities I hosted. This one was one of my favorites because it gave us an opportunity to celebrate one another.  We as humans don’t do this enough.
  • Chili cook-off competitions – This might be one of the more interesting ones I’ve hosted. You learn a lot about a person by how they cook. 

While I had varying levels of success with each activity, each helped me to get to know my team better and helped them get to know each other better. 

Your team needs to know that you care about them.  They need to know that their mental health and wellness is a concern of yours.  They need to feel supported.  By creating opportunities for trust, you’re creating a space for your employees to share how they are doing on a human level, not just a task level.  When you can learn to really support the entire components of the humans in your office, the humans will in turn better support you, your mission, your task list and ultimately, the bottom line of the company. 

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