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By now we all know that video is a powerful tool to educate and motivate.  It can also be an incredible accountability tool.

If you’re a business owner, a department lead, or a team lead then you know that you need ways to constantly remind your team of their goals and ultimately their responsibilities.  Doing so in a way that also motivates them is an art.  The last thing you want to do is sound like a nag, or worse, their mother.

After your goals setting session with your team, try recording a short video where you begin with a brief overview of what the next year will look like, the goals and why the goals are important.  TIP: don’t forget the why.  Your team needs to understand the impact of the goals.  This will aid in motivating and helping them to understand the consequences of not accomplishing them.

Then, have each team member step in front of the camera to briefly describe what their next year looks like for their specific role.  If you have a large company or department, you can always have team leads record for their team.  This isn’t mean to be an hour-long video.  Use your discretion on who should record.  When it’s all said and done, the video should be no more than five (5) minutes in length.

So, what do you do with this video you ask… play the video at the beginning of every quarterly planning session and at the year end review meeting.  By playing the video at the beginning of your strategy meetings, you will set the tone for why this meeting is important and each person can see what they and/or their team has committed to.  They can see this for themselves and you don’t have to sound like a broken record at every strategy meeting.  You get to sit back and let them remind themselves.   That is an incredibly powerful accountability tool.

Trust me, no one will want to see that video at the year end review meeting and have to say that they didn’t reach their goals.  Everyone will leave the strategy meetings with a renewed sense of motivation and drive.  All of that will happen without you coming to meetings sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

If you’re posting your team goals online, tag me in them.  I want to see what your team will accomplish this year.  I also want to celebrate with you when you crush those goals.  You can find me on all the social media platforms @ammiedover and @larekpoint.

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