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Many companies do not grow because they allow their employees to become stagnant.  The economy changes.  Technology changes.  Your customer changes.  If we all inherently know this and experience it in every aspect of life, why do businesses allow their employees to remain the same?
Training should be included in your strategic growth plan.  Every business leader, whether an owner or a department lead, should sit back and take a look at their annual goals and then ask themselves, ‘can my existing team get us there?’  What gaps do I have in my team?  How can I develop my current team to take my business to the next level?

You may be reading this right now and say, Ammie I have a rockstar team.  Congrats.  That’s truly awesome.  However, that same rockstar team will fall farther and farther behind if you don’t constantly nurture their skills development.  If everything that effects your business is evolving, your rockstar team much also evolve.

If you plan for training now, you can ensure that all of your investment matches the direct need of the company and the employee.  Developing a quarterly training plan will allow you to also prioritize the learning based on imminent needs, rather than being reactive to a training request made by an employee.  You never want to discourage an employee from seeking higher learning, however, by setting the quarterly plan now, you can communicate that with the employees rather than risking discouraging an employee when you deny a training request that is not in alignment with your strategic growth goals.

Another great reason to invest in ongoing training is because you’ll end up with a team who challenges status quo.  Educated and empowered team members are constantly looking for the most efficient and effective way to accomplish their job and deliver a quality product.  They will look for better ways to accomplish a task.  They’ll look for areas of collaboration.  Now, work is no longer being done in a silo.  When collaboration happens, problems are usually solved faster.  Faster resolution results in a higher productivity rate for the team.

A productive employee is a profitable employee.

An efficient and effective employee is a profitable employee.

You can see the cause and effect happening here.  If what you’re looking for is an increase in revenue, you may want to look internally at your team first and see where you can increase profitability, rather than simply focusing on generating more sales. You’ll always need exponentially more sales if you have an abundance of inefficiencies within a business.

One of the best investments you can make in your business is in the development of your team.  An investment in an employee is an investment in the overall capacity for growth and success of the entire business.

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