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Studies have shown that people are happier when they have a vacation planned.  Just the idea of relaxation lowers stress.  Crazy right? I think it’s crazy cool. 

There never seems to be a good time to go on vacation.  You’re always leaving something undone.  Someone will inevitably need something from you while you’re away.  You are after all, an instrumental part of your team and much of their success rests on your shoulders. 

​Here’s the thing, none of that is going to change… so why not just go?

Here’s another thing about vacations… you NEED them to replenish YOU.  You cannot give something that you do not possess.  If you are depleted, you cannot expect to fill someone else.

Even the flight attendant tells you during the in-flight safety briefing to apply your air mask before attempting to apply someone else’s.  You MUST maintain a healthy personal balance in order to be able to handle everything that will land on your desk.  Planning a vacation will help you to increase your happiness and decrease stress.  Physically taking the vacation will help you to refuel and re-center.  You need both of those components … being happy and being centered … to be successful in business and your career.

Starting today, I want you to make yourself a priority.  Your mental, emotional and physical health are critical to being able to accomplish all that you want to accomplish.  As a matter of fact, put the things you need to maintain healthy mental, emotional and physical health on your calendar right now.

Schedule your work tasks around it.  You may not be able to prevent something from going undone while you’re away but if you put your vacation on the calendar now, you can better manage your time and your tasks in the months, weeks and days leading up to your vacation.    You will be able to assess what you can physically do and what you will need to begin to delegate to your team.

Everyone wants to go on vacation.  If every person on your team manages their time well and doesn’t leave remaining team members in a lurch while they’re away, everyone should be able to go on vacation.  If you’re the owner or a leader in the business, you should be able to set the example and then begin to lead others to having a healthy work / life balance.

Here’s a bit of a news flash for you


Your employees don’t need you to be physically present every day.  They don’t need to see your face every day.  They don’t need you looking over their shoulder every day.  They need your leadership to be felt every day.  There’s a big difference in being present and having your presence felt.  When you master leading your team so that they function as a cohesive unit to fulfill your mission with or without you, then, you have accomplished your goal and have a rockstar team.

Rather than worrying about being away on vacation, try focusing on the things that you need to do now to build your rockstar team.

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