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What’s better than free marketing?  In business, not very much.  Free marketing is the best gift someone can give your business.

If this is true, then why do so many businesses and business professionals pass up the opportunity for free marketing?  You need business right?  Marketing is one of the biggest investments a business makes each year.  So, if everyone knows this, why do they leave free marketing opportunities on the table?  It truly baffles me.

Your social media profiles are the biggest free opportunity for marketing.  They are a great place to inform your audience about who you are, what your business stands for, who you serve and what problems you solve.  It’s fantastic and free… I can’t say this one enough, it’s free folks.

If I want to buy from a company, I usually look them up online.  I check out their company website and their social media profiles.  I want to see if they are consistent and reputable. I find that many businesses do not have social profiles built out or they use the same boring language that they have on their corporate website.  People to don’t want to receive the same content regurgitated everywhere. 

It’s important to use the type of language that resonates with why someone might be using that particular social platform.  You don’t speak the same way on Twitter as you do on LinkedIn.  You have to tailor your message for the audience and the platform.  Get creative.  Use your social media profiles as a way to connect on a more personal and less corporate way.  Your customers want to connect with you.  They’re finding your social presence.  Make sure that they are connecting in a meaningful way. 

Because I love lists, here is a short list of a few ideas to include in your social profiles:

  • Your mission.
  • The EXACT problem(s) your products solve.
  • Client testimonials.
  • Success stories.
  • Community impact.
  • Your reach – local or global – physical building or online retail
  • Statistics that support your claim of results.
  • Stories of impact and success from your clients.

If you need more help, reach out.  My team loves this kind of thing!  We love helping businesses create consistent branding that speaks to impact.  We know that you started your business to serve others.  First, you have to connect with them.  Use EVERY tool available to do exactly that!

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