Why Email Marketing is Growing


I’ve recently become obsessed with strengthening my relationship with my audience. I’m obsessed with adding value and giving them the opportunity to step into their future.

Before I go any further, did you notice the order in which I listed those three items?

  1. Relationship
  2. Value
  3. Opportunity

This is the order in which you will make sales. Don’t skip the first two and think you’re going to make sales.

OK, off my soap box.

Back to our regularly scheduled program… I’m using email marketing to do this!

Email marketing is making a comeback for a few reasons:


Automated Touchpoints


Email marketing tools can now allow you to set up a series of emails that are targeted to the reason someone connected with you.  For example, we offer growth strategies for businesses and non-profits. Our business audience doesn’t need details on upcoming workshops on developing a working board of directors or how to train and retain volunteers.  Nor does our non-profit audience need to hear about product development and sales.

You want to speak directly to your audiences needs. So once someone chooses to start a relationship with me or Larek Point, they get placed in the right bucket and we can set up a series of emails that goes out to EVERY new connection.

I don’t have to remember to email a new contact. The team set up automations that hit the key points of how we add value to businesses or non-profits. They get a series of emails that are initiated IMMEDIATELY. We don’t have to remember to do it individually. We systemitize it and nurture those relationship automagically.


Direct REACH


The average open rate for emails is between 15-25%. This is organic reach!

Hootsuite reports that Facebook has a 5.5% organic reach.

You can see that you can easily 3X to 5X your organic reach through email marketing versus relying on social media. Just as a financial advisor may tell you that you need to diversify your portolio, you also need to diversify your marketing. 

Our Results

In the art of full transparency – our open rate last month was 28.86%. So you can see that we are just above average on our open rate. This means that our message is being seen thousands of times more via email than on social media.

ammie - larek point - mailerlite report
ammie dover - mailer lite logo

Why MailerLite

 The answer is simple… it’s the easiest to use.

I’ve used several over the years. My criteria for a product is that it has to be something even I can use. I’m not super tech savvy… I get by but I definitely rely heavily on my marketing team. However, I like using programs and tools that I can go in and use if I get an urge to put something together at midnight or on the weekend.

I still do quite a bit myself. Mostly because I enjoy it. I write my blogs. I write my emails. I don’t alway do the technical parts behind the scenes but the message that you receive is mine. I have been so blessed to have such a loyal and engaged audience. I don’t want to lose touch with that. It’s what I’ve built my business on… my relationships.

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