52 Weeks of Blog Content Ideas

If content is king then consistency is his queen.  Your blog deserves both a king and a queen.

One of the hardest things to do for entrepreneurs is to consistently create and publish relevant content.  That’s because that most people feel like creating content is the equivalent to writing a best-selling novel.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Think of your blog as an ongoing conversation with your ideal clients. Your ideal clients likely don’t have time to read a novel anyway.  What they need is bite sized information that will impact their businesses right away.  They need information that yields both action and results.

Is this helping to frame the type of content you should share?  Let’s take this one step further and show you exactly how to create 50 blogs.


Level 1 Content

Write a list of the top 10 questions your clients ask you.  This is the basis for the vast majority of your content.  Thing how to’s.  The answers to these questions is your first 10 blogs.


Level 2 Content

Usually each answer to those 10 questions can be broken down into three steps and/or components.  You can take each of those steps and/or components and elaborate on them more.  That’s an additional 30 blogs.

Wow.. you’re already at 40 blog topics from 10 tidbits of information you share all the time anyway!


Level 3 Content

Write a list of the top 10 questions your ideal clients/prospects ask you about your services.  This should outline the benefit statements of why someone should work with you.  This will help people prequalify themselves as your ideal client.

That’s 50 weeks of content in a 52 week year.  Fill the other two weeks with some holiday information.

In the past, I’ve done a 12 days of planning blog; ya know, instead of 12 days of Christmas.  If you’re following the formula in level 1 and 2, you can take each of these planning tips and elaborate on them for an additional 12 blog posts.

I’ve also done a 20 in 20 series; 20 tips in 20 days.  This might be a bit much if you’re just starting out but it’s a great way to create blog content and rapidly elevate your search rankings to increase traffic to your website.  If this is overwhelming, you can make it a weekly series, 20 tips in 20 weeks.   Feel free to shorten this if you are having trouble extending one topic to 20 topics.  The idea is to eliminate anxiety around content creation so if you need to, make it a three part series.

If you’re anything like me, you love your birthday.  I personally think everyone should celebrate my birthday.  It’s more fun that way!  I like to do giveaways or discounts on my birthday.  Here’s another good thing about birthday posts – they tend to get a lot of engagement because people want to wish you well on your birthday.  Win. Win.


Need More?


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