Create Individual Goals

Let this be the year of YOU!  Whether you run an entire business or a small department, start your planning process with your personal goals.  If you’re anything like me, your to do list on any given day is longer than your legs.  There will always be something more to do.  There will always be another project to tackle or another fire to put out.  When you find yourself to be overcome and overwhelmed by the daily grind, it’s important to be able to re-center yourself back to your why.

Here are a few questions to help you do that:

Why are you doing this?

Why is this important?

How will ‘this’ bring you closer to your goals?

When you have a solid personal foundation, you’ll be able to look at every item that lands on your desk or in your inbox and ask yourself one question: Is this in alignment with both my business/career goals and my personal WHY?

Then, and only then will you be able to discern what is right for you and your path to get to where you want to go.  In knowing what’s right for you, you can then begin to say Yes with confidence and No without apology.  That last part bears repeating, you can say NO without apology.  When an opportunity that is not right for you is presented, you can simply thank the person for the opportunity and tell them that it is not right for you right now.  Then, carry on with your regularly scheduled program and get back to rocking your goals!

Maintaining focus on the WHY provides you with an opportunity to quickly have a mental check-in with yourself so that you can say, this too shall pass.  This is temporary.  This is hard, but doable.  This is worth it.  This will bring me closer to my goals.  Do you see what I’m doing here?  I’m creating a new story around things that have the potential to derail you or create a mood that is not conducive to productivity.

Your mental health has just as much to do with your success
as your physical health

Create a system for check-ins.  Don’t forget to check in with yourself and ensure that you’re centered throughout the day.  Also check-in with your task list from time to time and ensure that you aren’t suffering from a bit of scope creep on your projects or that someone else’s priority has not become your distraction.  We aren’t always conscious of these things happening in the moment and that’s why it’s important to have periodic assessments.

If you’re tracking your goals monthly, that’s a great time to perform a check-in.  Ask yourself what worked last month and what didn’t.  You’ll quickly begin to see that what is working is usually in alignment and what is not working is usually out of alignment with your personal goals.  If you don’t already have time blocked on your calendar to review your goals monthly, now is a great time to create a re-occurring meeting on your calendar called ‘ME’.

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