Make a List of Things to Delegate

One of my favorite things to do and to teach is delegation.  I talk about my to do list a lot; mostly because it is one of the most consistent things in my business.  My to do list is always long and always staring me down.
Here’s why I love delegation:

1. It forces people to recognize that they are not the experts at everything.

We’re all great at a few things. We may be good at quite a few more things and I’d be willing to bet we suck at even more things.

The Great Zone


The only space that you should consistently be working within.  Period.  Ever. This is the zone where you are most confident and productive.  This is also the zone that is likeliest to make you the most money in business.  If you don’t own a business, this is the zone that is going to help you to climb the corporate ladder.  This is the thing that you’re going to be known for and that other people are willing to pay you for.


The Good Zone


This is the zone that trips people up the most.  Most people think that just because they’re good at something, that means they should handle it themselves.  WRONG.  Remember that I just said that you should delegate everything outside of your great zone.  Here’s why:  I’d be willing to bet that someone on your team is great at the very things you are good at.  I’d also be willing to bet that they have responsibility for accomplishing that thing.  I’ll take it a step further and say that they love doing that thing and if it falls withing their great zone, they’re going to get it done faster and likely better than you ever could.  A productive employee is a profitable employee.  The goal is to remain as productive as possible to remain as profitable as possible. Another way of saying that is, maximum efficiency results maximum profitability.

The Suck Zone


Most people don’t have a problem delegating this one.  We’re all more than happy to plop these tasks on someone else’s desk.  If you find yourself working within this zone, stop immediately and call me.  It’s time to learn about opportunity costs.

2. It forces people to evaluate what activities are the actual best use of their time.

Refer back to the zones. Plainly put, everything outside of the great zone is not a good use of your time.

3. It empowers others to step up.

When your team can clearly communicate their great zones, it empowers others to step up and say, I love doing ‘that’, next time send it over, I’m happy to help.

You may be saying, yeah right, like anyone is going to ask for more work.  I hear you.  No one is going to ask for more work if they are unable to delegate some of the things on their to do list.  If every person identifies their great zone and the entire team commits to only working within them, then everyone will be able to delegate most of the items in their good zone and hopefully all of the items in their suck zone.

It’s time to make self-reflection and delegation a topic of discussion with your team.

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