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I LOVE podcasts.  I listen to all sorts of podcasts.  I love all things business but some of my favorite podcasts have nothing to do with business and yet I still learn so much about business from them.

I’m also that person in church that hears a great message and says, my team needs to hear this.  How do I teach this to my team without actually preaching to them every Monday morning?  Yes, I’m a note taker at church.  I jot down a scripture or a tip and later, work on how to integrate that learning into my next team meeting.  Without getting preachy now, so much of the Bible is written about laws and principles that were meant to be applicable to all aspects of our lives.  Business is no different.  You can institute a solid principle based on Biblical teachings without preaching.

I can find business tips in just about anything.  I’d be willing to bet that you’re the same way with your passion.​

Podcasts help to fuel my need for learning.  I am a student of life and am a firm believer that the more exposure you have to other ways of life, the more well rounded you’ll be.  Here’s another benefit of learning: the more exposure means that you’ll become a better problem solver.  You become an effective problem solver when you are educated and can pull scenarios from your memory bank.  Ineffective problem solvers are those who think they have to recreate the wheel every time something happens.

The majority of the activities you will perform will not be new to business.  They may be new to you.  That’s where learning and podcasts come into play.  Get exposure to things that you may not understand.  Learn how others are solving similar problems.  Learn how other industries are solving those problems.  Listen for nuggets of information that you can take back to your team.

If you’re feeling really inspired, you can do a podcast challenge.  Once a month, a new team member can pick any podcast they want.  They must listen to at least five (5) episodes and they have to give a 10-minute summary on what they learned.

Not only will your team be in a constant state of learning, you will all learn a lot about your team. Their interests will shine through.  You’ll gain an understanding on how their brain processes information.  This insight will help you to motivate and encourage your team throughout the year.

Here’s some good news for you… Audible now has podcasts. Lots and lots of podcasts.  You can now use one account for access to audio books and podcasts.  All your learning is now in one central location, one app that goes with you everywhere you go – AMAZING!

Get started today and watch your outlook and your dialog begin to shift.  No more recreating the wheel.  No more stressing over developing new solutions.  Learn from others and watch your business shift to become a much more agile and profitable organization.

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Inside the DoverDrive Experience, you're getting learning/doing content shared with you EVERY week.  That means you create a cycle of business development.

You see, the biggest mistake that business owners make is that they only work ON their business when something isn't going right or when they don't have enough business to meet financial goals.  The truth is, if you work on yourbusiness continuously, you'd have less problems and less periods of feast or famine.

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