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Do you ever wonder how these bloggers seem to have perfectly choreographed, branded images all over the internet?  I mean how much does it cost to have images like that?!  Well, surprisingly very little in comparison to the value these images add to your brand.

You see, a person must have a connection with your brand before they buy from your company.  If your brand image is disjointed online, your prospective customers may get the impression that your company and services are also disjointed.  No one wants to pay a company for help that is as disjointed as they are.  Your prospective customers need to know that you have successfully gone through the stages of business that they are currently in and can help to guide them through it.

You may not be at a point where you can hire a full marketing team yet.  Hey, no judgements, we’ve all been there.  Not being able to afford a marketing team doesn’t mean that you can’t afford professional marketing.  There are so many do it yourself tools available.

Let’s get right to it! My #1 Marketing Tool is Canva


I could probably go on and on about why I love Canva but here are my TOP 5 reasons:

  1. They have ready to use templates. They are literally plug and play.  You don’t have to have any design skills at all.  You just pick the templates that resonate with your brand and plug your brand or industry specific images in and you have branded graphics.

  3. You can create folders to keep your images organized. If you have multiple images or logos that you use over and over, you can create folders to separate images for quick access.

  5. You can set up brand colors.  This means that your company’s colors are saved and ready for you to use right away.  You don’t have to remember the hex code or worse, try to guess at the color.  Your brand colors will be consistent every time.

  7. You can create templates for designs that you know resonate with your audience.  There’s no need to recreate the wheel every time.  Simply select the right template for your campaign and edit.  THIS is probably the biggest time saver for the entire tool.  When you’re a small business… time is money.  I don’t know about you but any time I can save money, I’m on it!

  9. I can resize designs so that I have one consistent design for all social media platforms.  Afterall, if you want to reach the masses, you’re likely running your campaigns on multiple platforms.  Once you’re happy with your design, you can resize it so that it fits all platform size recommendations.  HUGE time saver!

Did you notice a theme?  Besides having so many crazy cool designs to choose from, the biggest reason I love Canva is because it saves SO. MUCH. TIME.


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Marketing can make or break your business.  You’re giving your ideal customer a sample of what your company is all about EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you post online, print a flier or hand someone a business card.  A consistently branded presence helps to create brand trust.  Consumers need to trust a brand before they buy from it.  That’s sales 101.

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