Power Hour

How many times have you sat down to do something and then the phone rings or an email pops in that you have been waiting for?  You have the best of intentions to clear this one item from your to do list but somehow get re-routed.  It happens all the time.  I started this blog three times.  No one is exempt from it.  However, I want to share a trick with you that works well for me when something seems to sit on the to do list for far too long.

As I share this, keep in mind that you do not have to limit how you use this tip.  You can use it weekly or even daily if you want.  You can use it for one task in particular or one category of tasks. 

I like to schedule a power hour.  During this hour, I shut the rest of the world out.  I close my office door as to not be I do not answer the phone.  I do not answer emails.  I close all of my browsers and applications on my computer.  If you have ever seen me work, you know that I keep a million browser tabs open at all times.  So, closing them is a big deal for me.

I usually reserve the power hour for activities that require a lot of creativity.  Creativity is one of those gifts that is either on or off.  I do not have the luxury of always being able to turn it back on once I’ve been interrupted and lost it. That is why I create an environment for my success when I have to create. 

Bonus Use

I also do this with household chores.  It’s a great time management trick that keeps you on task without all the overwhelm and dread.  It keeps me from dragging out a one-hour task into a whole afternoon.  I like to block time to do cleaning tasks.  Cleaning the house is not my favorite thing to do so I try to do little things all throughout the week.  My power hour is sometimes a full hour on the weekends but I usually block the last 10 minutes before leaving the house in the mornings to tidy up a bit.

The power hour concept is a great tool to help maintain focus on one task.  Block one hour in your calendar this week and tackle something that you have been putting off.  

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. 

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