Shifting Your Offer

Your customers’ needs, buying power and spending habits have all changed in the last few months.  The reason that your business isn’t growing during this time is likely because your business, products, services and pricing or some combination thereof is out of alignment with your customer.

If you haven’t adjusted to your operations to align with your customer, you are not likely to recover from this setback.  Let’s take a look at each of these areas individually.

Customer Needs

Your customers are facing many of the same issues you are.  That means their needs have changed too.  Ask yourself, what do my ideal customers need RIGHT NOW.  Don’t be surprised if the answer(s) is not the same as it was six months ago. 

Now, ask yourself, how can my products and services solve my ideal customer’s most imminent needs.

Buying Power

While your ideal client profile may not have changed, the buying power of your ideal client may have.  When I say buying power, I mean the amount of money that they can now spend on your products/services.  With the current economic status being so volatile right now, most business owners are cutting back on spending. 

This is where you may ask yourself, can I offer a smaller package of my products/services to help move my ideal customer along at a more affordable rate.

Spending Habits

When money is moving through the home or business at a healthy rate, people are more likely to spend on luxury or what could be classified as unnecessary items.  This is the time when people and businesses focus on only the necessary purchases to keep operations of the business or home moving efficiently. 

If your products/services are in the luxury category, you may have to package your offers in such an enticing way that your ideal client identifies the offer as a deal that is too good to pass up.  If they see the insane value in the offer, they are more likely to reallocate funds to seize the opportunity to either work with you or purchase from you.  Your job at this point is to make YES the only option.

The long of the short of this story is that if you want to close out this year and still meet your revenue goals, you absolutely must shift the way that you are packaging and marketing your services.  Simply offering the same services to the same people with different needs, won’t help your products fly off the shelf.  It will only leave you wondering at the end of the year… what happened in 2020?



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